Lean90 Premium Pea Protein Sachet (Smooth Vanilla)

Lean90 Premium Pea Protein Sachet (Smooth Vanilla)

Quantity: 15 sachets x 20g

West Malaysia RM148
East Malaysia RM158



Lean90 Premium is harvested from the finest quality of French Premium Pisane Pea Protein. It’s natural plant-based pH7.8 allergen, lactose-free and 98% digestible. This enhance absorption supports overall physiological process of our body and thus are suitable for adults, children, athletes and vegans.

It is packed with 18 amino acids including the “Essential 9” to boost energy and strength while promoting body tissue muscle, bone, hair, skin recovery, maintenance, regeneration and growth.

Lean90 Premium vegetable protein contains NO gluten, GMO, Diary, Lectin, Artificial Sweeteners, Flavours, Preservatives.

Why we need Lean90 Protein?


  • pH7.8 Alkaline maintains acid/alkaline balance
  • 90% Pure Protein Isolate
  • Easy 98% Digestible and gentle on the gut
  • Fueled with 18 amino acids for boosting energy while promoting body tissue recovery, maintenance, regeneration, and growth.
  • Vegan-friendly. Free from Gluten, GMO, Dairy, Lectin
  • All natural & chemical free
  • Low carbs & Fat, promotes satiety to help healthy weight management

Suggested Use:
Mix 20g (2 scoops) with 300ml of water or favorite juice once daily or as recommended by a health professional

Ingredients (Smooth Vanilla):
Pea Protein Isolate, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Katemfe Fruit Extract (Thaumatin)

Does Not Contain:
Preservative, coloring and flavoring substances

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight

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